Cappuccino Bars

JEM uses classic coffee machines and combined with our organic coffee blend we will provide the special start to your event.

With a wide selection of syrups we can create exciting new flavours to cheer up any guest. All of our trained staff will be there to assist you in all your needs.

Smoothie Bars

With years in the food industry JEM has the ability to create any smoothie; flavour and style to suit your needs. JEM will keep the fruit seasonal and local to ensure great tastes.

We can create, fruit and water base smoothies, yogurt smoothies or if you feel the urge fruit shakes made with vanilla ice cream.

Milkshake Bars

For a lighter side and even a dessert option JEM can design a milkshake bar, with all the flavours and trimmings that makes milkshakes so popular.

Additional Services

  • Staffing
  • Bars
  • Dry Bars
  • Catering

Food Bars

Contact our catering division and let them tailor your specific bar.

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